Our Story

Narragansett Bay Olive Oil Company is a family affair. We opened our shop in historic Wickford Village, RI on Memorial Day weekend, 2011 as a result of our passion for California olive oil. Our introduction to CA olive oil occurred when we took our first vacation to NAPA Valley to, of course, explore the CA wine trail. We certainly did that, but we also unexpectedly discovered the growing olive oil industry. We visited olive oil shops and tasted oils that were like no others we had ever encountered. So pungent, fruity and fresh; we were immediately hooked. Each time we’ve visited “wine country” since then, we’ve spent more and more time in olive oil tasting rooms (no worries, lots of wines were tasted as well!).

Similar to the genesis of the California wine industry, California olive oils were, let’s just say, skeptically received at the start. But, thankfully they have now gained well deserved recognition as among the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world. Check out the results of the 2011 Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition in our California Olive Oil History section. The results are impressive!

As boutique olive oil operations continue to grow in California, Americans are boldly planting cultivars from all over the world. We are absolutely thrilled to have a hand in bringing you a sampling of the best of these fabulous oils!

With your support we will make it our mission to bring the freshest, tastiest, organic and conventional extra virgin olive oils to Rhode Island, and anywhere else in the USA you would like us to ship them. We’re proud to support American family farms and olive oil producers. We also source high quality California and Italian vinegars and fine giftware.

While CA is our favorite vacation spot, there is "no place like home". And so, we chose to name our store Narragansett Bay Olive Oil Company. It represents our pride in our own beautiful state and the waters that are so vital in our lives.

Again, thank you for your support and patronage. We would love to hear from you, so please visit us in our store or contact us online.

And remember to slow down and…“Sip the Wine and splash the Oil”

- Pliny the Elder

The Gregoire Family